Assessments in Schools

Assessments in Schools

School-Based Assessments

School-based behavior assessments are conducted to identify the functions of behaviors that hinder a student’s ability to function within their school environment and involve the completion of a functional behavior assessment (FBA). Typically, schools that have approved behavior assessments will contact VHAP to request an assessor to conduct the FBA. If families want to explore different funding options for school-based behavior assessments, contact a VHAP team member so we can help you navigate funding sources (e.g., insurance, private pay, and Individualized Education Plan).

After the FBA has been approved, a VHAP board certified behavior analysts (BCBA) will collaborate with family and school members to setup a schedule to complete the assessment. The FBA includes:

  • interviews with parents and school staff
  • direct observations at the school
  • administration and scoring of assessment tools
  • writing of the FBA report with service recommendations

Upon submission of a completed FBA report, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting or team meeting is usually held to review the results and recommendations. During this meeting, in-school behavior services will be reviewed for approval and can start after the IEP has been signed.