In-Home ABA Programs

In-Home ABA Programs

ABA Home Programs

After a behavior assessment is completed and behavior intervention services are authorized, our behavior team will further collaborate with family members to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that focuses on positive behavior support strategies. These behavior interventions are used to decrease challenging behaviors, increase prosocial behaviors, and improve existing skills.

Our service model consists of direct staff members (1:1 direct support), a program supervisor (clinical/case management under a BCBA), and a BCBA to provide the overall clinical direction, supervision, and case management. VHAP supervisors and BCBAs will collaborate to evaluate a program’s progress and share goal progress with family members. Although all programs are tailored to the individual needs of each family, most home-based services include in-home activities, community-based activities, and parent training.

Activities in an in-home ABA program can include:

  • adaptive and self-care skills
  • attending and pre-academic skills
  • community participation
  • family and social relationships
  • play and leisure skills
  • reduction of challenging behaviors
  • safety skills and self-management